Sunday, 29 January 2017

Year Two.

So its been over a year since I said anything, this isn't due to not having anything to say, 2016 was a very time consuming year, not just in the way of writing the games and sculpting but a lot of things went wrong outside of my own control not game related more real life related.

So where are we.
Working mechanic for District, which is now called Districts, as things have altered a little and it is going to start with a wider universe instead of a walk through time with one planet. Increasing the number of alien and non human races with in the game.

We have enough models sculpted up for an actual game! Not all the weapon layouts are available yet though they are ready to go, with a few minor tweaks, An have had the first 30mm sized models back from Shapeways and they are incredibly well detailed over the 90mm we have been using.

While it is enjoyable playing with the 90mm models it isn't cost effective, as models of this size are rather pricey. An to have them done to the same level of detail as the 30/45mm miniatures is a small fortune so cheaper prints less detail but you can still see what they are meant to be clearly.

Plus the print material used for the 90mm takes paint really well. I did have a series of models printed in the material at 45mm. But they really lose the detail even though they are far cheaper than the higher detail prints.

So why shapeways, well I know I can produce the stuff myself cheaper and actually make a living out of it but it is the initial set up costs, at present I can produce 1 high quality 90mm model a day.
Which makes a production run a long time to do with 90mm, though if I can get enough sold on shapeways and make the few pence a miniature I make on them then it is possible with time I would be able to invest in better technology and be able to produce the models myself and at a faster rate.

But this is all if's an and's. An before anyone says why not take out a bank loan quit your job and do this full time I will say that I am not that stupid. If I lost my income I couldn't survive as a human.
An my day job pays enough for me to survive. Not enough to take out the thousands I would need in a bank loan to cover the initial setup for what I am working on.

An I know without a rule set the idea of the models is a little bit pointless but Spikey in 90mm (120mm actual size) is worthy of living on a shelf.

Plus there are loads of random things I have done on shapeways that aren't just games related.
An a few things that are but would lend themselves to other game systems.

Cyclops, Pig Ogres and Trolls coming soon.