Saturday, 23 January 2016

Spikey Completed.

So Back in July I walked everyone through Spikey and what it took to actually design him and put him together. With ZBrush and 3D printing and so on.
Well Spikey is now Finished!
Am working on variations for a base for him but the model is finished and complete and available to buy from the web site if you would like one.

Finalised at MK8 2 this version has keying points to make him easier to put together and has gone to full scale 3UP size which means he is a total of 120mm in hight once constructed.

As you can see he is rather large though a 5" model isn't that big for a shelf.
He comes in light grey and looks white in the photo (My photo skills are not great)

As I said am working on giving him a 2" / 50mm diameter base at the moment.
Have two different designs presently floating around for this at the moment and the one that comes out the best will appear shortly. Though any 50mm base should be fine to mount this guy on.

When I get a moment I will paint up the new version of Spikey and the photos will appear on the web site shortly.

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