Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Spikey, The journey.

So this is Spikey.

Spikey, Mk6 to be exact.
Spikey has been a week long journey. He started out looking more purple and a wee bit different.

As you can see, he was a little different.
But through the ZBrush phase he changed shape a bit, at one point he even had normal arms and was carrying a pistol.

I didn't like this look so kind of redesigned the arms once more.

This is the story of Spikey who is yet to have a real name though I have got a lot of his back story in my head. An what the role he plays with in the District game series. He is a unique character. One of a handful that will exist in the game universe. An I am now putting it here. So you will have to wait for that, but this is the tale of how he went from little purple thing to what I ended up with and why I say MK6. Plus all the work that goes through to get tot it. 3D printing and sculpting while simple enough is still very trial and error hit and miss. I started out with a fully attached spikey everything attached to everything and at high resolution pring the 0.06mm a layer he was aimed at around 18 hours to print! So that wasn't great though at the 0.25mm layer he was a 3 hour print, But looked very for better word stripy. An at the 0.1mm was way too many fails, actually 4 fails, Every time he got to putting the head on it would slip or miss or detach. Which would cause me to have to throw away 4 to 5 hours print time and a fair amount of plastic.

Version 4 was the first time I chopped the arms off after redesigning them which shortened the time as it wasn't placing as many supports to hold the model in place as it printed but was still suffering the issue at the neck and head region. I even attempted a 0.06mm layer resolution in an attempt to fix this and slowed the speed down even more and it just globbed at the head. So another fail, MK5 just didn't work I wasn't happy with the feet and the MK6 which is below I removed the head and the arms and chopped the body at the waist. This resulted in a few things happening print time for the 0.06mm layer being reduced to 6 hours! This is a 90mm in height model, I can't really call 90mm miniature can I?

As you can see from the pictures this is the result of how it comes out and requires a little bit of clean up. There will be a MK7 as I am not happy with placements of a few supports, the ones on the legs under the knees are unnecessary.
An extra support needs to be added under the right hand as the lower finger seems to slip slightly making it thinner and reducing the quality of the print. 

Any way the supports and the raft come off and then there is the task of filing and sanding down the bits of supports that stuck on and the extra ooze that sticks due to the retraction not quiet being fast enough. 3D printers are incredibly temperamental. Slight adjustment in temperature and all kinds of things can happen. 
Once this is all done and each parts been sighted and lined up they get glued together. Here are the three good quality versions of the 0.25mm layer at the back, 0.1mm layer in the middle and at the front the 0.06mm layer. 

Close up you can see the variations in the print layers and this photo really don't show it but in my hand you can really see the difference. 
The 0.25mm is all attached print, the 0.1mm in the middle which as been based the arms are separate and the one at the front the 0.06mm is all separate parts you can see above. 

And to finish here it is all painted up. 

This is the history of Spikey. It only shows the 3 finial prints in each sizes and of course the 0.06mm all painted up and coloured in. All done using Colorfabb white on an Ultimaker 2, with an upgraded Nozzle though the nozzle used was a 0.4mm, I might try it with a 0.25mm nozzle, though this will greatly increase the print time. I haven't put this idea through the slicing software yet as I want to get the 0.4mm nozzle version perfect first. 

I think the total number of prints to get the MK6 was closer to 12 attempts I know of 5 fails at the 0.1mm layer and 2 fails at an impractical 0.15mm layer. 

So there you go all the work that goes into making 1 model. An I am not even finished with this one yet. Plus I didnt take into account the 40+ hours spend in Zbrush just sculpting it in the first place. 

Hope you enjoyed the journey. Spikey will be available soon.