Thursday, 4 June 2015

Holidays are coming... Wait it's not Oh never mind.....

Right ladies and gents, Holiday season is nearly upon us and I am away for a while from.
June 8th and 15th (These be the days and those in between I'm not working. May not work the 16th either depends on how much stuff I have to sort out once I am back.

When I do get back though web site stock is going to change, some items have already gone. Some items will stay. Okay One Item will stay I do really like the Space Monkey Bust plus I have started doing it in different colours very recently. There will be new Busts. There will be new 90mm models as well for District which will also be appearing in July.

I've spent the last couple of days test printing "Hero Scale" monsters. I have had some success but the failure rate is too high with present technology and so the price for them is not really practical to produce for sale. I am looking at SL printing for this scale of model at the moment but I feel the cost might outweigh the practicality of it. Due to the price of photo sensitive resin being over twice that of the Filament Layer plastic. The plastic is twice the price of metal anyway. So as you can imagine this would greatly ramp up the cost of models and take in the amount of time each model takes to print as well. Production is SLOW.
A high resolution Ganger at 90mm takes 8 hours.
A regular resolution Ganger in 90mm takes 4 hours.
An that's with out taking into account change over times for the parts. As each part is printed individually as you get a better print that way.

So if you have been putting it off getting any of the models presently on the site they will be available until June 17th. Though the Space Monkey Bust will be around for a bit longer yet.