Thursday, 15 January 2015

Work In Progress

Now I have finished doing the work on the Troll line I was working on.
An it is n interesting line only has 3 models so far but I do plan to expand this over time.
Photos will be attached at the bottom and they will all appear fairly soon. Though I will probably only be doing the Cyclops in 90mm scale and keep the rest at gaming scale, though this might change if I get enough interest in the big ones. There will still be 90mm models appearing as they are easier to do. I sculpt large and then shrink down to gaming scale though this would appear to mainly be 54/65mm as thats the best resolution I get with the printer so expect a lot of larger monsters over anything else.

2nd Alien is well under way just got to work out the arms and leg situation and how to cut them up.
But this is all very side way from what the blog was actually about this was a work in progress update.

I am working on DISTRICT once more, the game mechanic is close enough to complete that I should finish the game and with the new software and hardware I am now able to really work on some amazing bits for it. Though these bit's will probably not be available for a while, I need to do some research on getting the game mass produced in a box and what it will cost and so on before I go down this route. So I want to get it all done and ready, though the models and the rules will be available by July. This is the planned moment of it becoming available.

The PDF version will always be free, will have all the rules in. It won't have art work, Or fleshed out fluff I am saving the bulk of that for the printed edition. But you'll be able to play and that is the idea of a game isn't it.

Models wise for that well the first 90mm District Character will be available from February 1st.
It is already lined up to be a character model for the 54mm range.
More info on that to come on the web site.

Along with a lot more information on Herenkoa, mainly looking at the races which of course you could use in any game that you play as a counts as model if you wanted too.

So thats the news. Am working on District have nearly everything up to April releases ready to go and I am working on getting the first game finished.

Here are some pictures.

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