Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Down Side of being a one man band

There are issues with being a on man show.
Especially when you have several projects on the go at once.
Sculpting wise I am working on the Deities for Herenkoa, I am working on Models for District and I am working on all manner of Monsters which are for Herenkoa but would work in any fantasy war game to be honest.

The problem is not only am I the sculptor, I am also the writer, the artist and the web guy. On top of this the day job is incredibly busy at the moment as is always the way in the winter months.

An while I am a head of schedule until the end of March for models and sculpts and releases I am behind on writing, web design and other bits and tiny stuff.

As of tomorrow being the 28th I will not be printing any more of the present range of 90mm models and once they are gone they are gone. This at least gives me 3 days to catch up with other bits.
Any one that follows me on twitter will know I am working on the first of the Deities which is planned to appear some time around April. There is no print time on these guys there will be a set number once I am finished with the design and that is all there ever will be. I was thinking 21. 20 for sale and 1 for me.

I have a total of how many Deities to do for Herenkoa?

As for District, that is all going fairly straight forward, has been tested to death so it is just a case of getting models done and printed and sitting looking pretty.

Yet once again one man band. Until I start shipping or producing enough for me to pack in the day job, hire help and get everything rolling.

Right web site work now. While test prints run.

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