Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rivet Wars after playing thoughts.

So finally got to play Rivet Wars the other night, had a couple of games.
Only did the first two scenarios, which didn't involve using the cards. 

So lets start with the basics, we know I like the models, I think they are genius and very simple but so detailed and so amazing and rather cute! Let's not deny this they are. 

Now the rules work, and I think we interpreted them fairly well. So if we got it wrong then I have just played a really fun made up game, if I got them right then I just played a really fun game that someone else made.

And it is fun, it's very fast, no need to worry about army lists and that, you start each turn with an allowance of deployment points, which you can't carry over! An rivets which you can. So working out what's going on the table is done on a turn by turn system.

Now the turn sequence goes.
Wrap up.

So we played it that way, but we played you go I go. SO we both deployed, then we both did combat, then we both did movement, then we wrapped up. Putting combat before movement is interesting as in the earlier turns you are not close enough for combat, though some cards carry special rules that allow you to move before combat and then you can move again after combat. 

Stats on models are easy to track, everything is on the cards, combat is simple too. Each character has an Armour value and then on your card is how many dice you roll to cause damage against that armour value. Wounds are caused on a result of 5 or 6, if the model you are shooting at is in a trench or a bunker than the wounds are only caused on a 6. 

For models with multiple mounds the bases have slots in which is part of the design on all the bases and wound markers look like little ammo creates and they neatly slip into the gaps along the edge of the base. 

The boards are nice and well built from heavy card, and part of me wants to recreate them in a more 3D style which I have seen done by people and I am fairly sure I can do that as well. So I shall be playing with that design. 

Really enjoyed playing the game, really like the game am looking forward to expansion and more tiles and characters to add to the system. 

Only wish is that we could get them on sprues instead of prebuilt so they are easier to paint. 

But I have to remember this is a board game. A very fun and fast board game. 

Rivet Wars seriously go find a copy and play it. You might be surprised how good it actually is.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I'm still a gamer though. "Rivet Wars"

I rarely blog about anyone elses games.
I never blog about my warhammer collection both 40K and Fantasy. GW Don't really need my support.
Though now I am not actually writing my own, it seems I can talk about the few that catch my attention.

Rivet Wars though from the first moment I saw the kickstart I thought okay this looks interesting, why don't I have the funds to put money down! I didn't so I waited, and waited hoping it would go mainstream.

Several months down the line, and a lot of keeping my eye on the web site, watching the how to videos and the production of the whole thing long after the kickstarter had finished. I am floating around in amazon and it pops up in the lists, so having a bit of cash I picked it up and here it is.

And this is what is in the box!

Yeah I know it's sideways, my phone camera is awful.

Now, the models are nice, well formed, cleaned up and prebuilt! Yeah everything is ready to go straight out the box! Markers need popping off the sprue, the card stock is fairly robust and nicely printed plus double sided! Manual is well presented and printed. Oh did I mention that the models in the box are already built?

Yep someone has taken the time to pop them off the sprue, clean them up and glue them together and then glue them to the base! 

The plastic is a good quality, it flexes a little which is better than being brittle and snapping!

There is the M2 Wolverine. Straight out the box. In Green. As the Allied forces of course are green, and the Blight forces are grey. Anyone that didn't think of doing this to it once they see it then what are you thinking!

Once more excuse the dodgy camera.

Now I wish so much they were on sprues would have made them so much easier to paint, but this is a BOARD Game and I guess they want it to work straight out the box, no real setup time just down and play. 
Which is how the rules run, very simple and easy to follow and intuitive. 
Rule 1. If the card says something different to the main rules go with the Card. Yeah that works for me. 

The background is well put together and has its comical moments, the artwork is as cartoony as you would expect and you can really believe the way the war is going and see the why the war is still going on and the reasons behind the equipment they use. Plus they be Rivets! It is such a simple design but it works! They are just fun cartoony miniatures. Yet once more prebuilt pain in the backend to paint but still such greatly simple and interesting models. 

Several scenarios with in the rule book to play through which should keep most people occupied for a while and looking through the web site and the background the possibility for expansion is fairly grand. 

A Little pricey at £79.99 though I think for what it actually is, but then I wasn't on the kickstart so probably deserve to pay through the nose for not jumping on the band wagon when I had the chance.  (It wasn't you can find it for around £65 if you look around)

Am really looking forward to playing this soon with some friends, I think it will be an entertaining game and throw up some interesting idea's and possible styles of play. Plus its something very interesting to paint even if they are prebuilt and a pain in the back side to undercoat and then paint (I will work out which would be the best way to remove the glue and take them to bits but don't want to wreck it just yet want to play it a bit first)

And of course once I have had chance to play a few games there will be my thoughts on actual game play but that will be a different blog, plus photos of other models and bits that are in the game once painted too.

So in short and the important bit.

1: Nice back ground.
2: Nice plastic.
3: Should be interesting to play.
4: Prebuilt miniatures.

1: Prebuilt miniatures.
2: Short but good rule book. 
3: Price point. 

Oh and one last photo, blurry as all the others but you know if you're going to do one you have to do the other.