Thursday, 18 July 2013

Been playing around with..

So I have been playing around with Adobe Muse and Adobe edge, just to get to grips with them.
Yes I could do things with HTML and CSS but to be honest if a software program is going to take up a lot of the slack and bits in coding I miss I am going to use it, have been using Muse to do web sites for a few months, all my sites are now built in Muse as I just find it so easy to build a site as I would a page in InDesign and that is effectively what Muse is. Web building as you would a page in a book.

Anyway, I have updated and rebuilt both my portfolio site and am rebuilding to show off the games and the work in progress stuff and give everyone bit more of an idea what I am doing.

The sites are up and functioning, animation has been done using adobe edge, it's a CSS variation of flash which is the best way to describe it I think.

New animations up so Final Earth page with in Final Gamez site may take a little bit to load, but its worth it.
On top of this Herenkoa old Beta is floating around to, I am going back to the drawing board with this once District is finished as I feel the mechanic could be tightened up a bit plus it was written as a D10 and a D12 game and I think the D12 version is better. Though have been playing with a D6 mechanic as well.

Herenkoa, will be a full blown war game now when it comes back with Squads and groups, Final Earth will split between skirmish and War game depending on what you want to play and am working on a mechanic that allows things to change so Skirmish would be played in Inches and War game in Centimetres, just need to find a balancing point is all to make it work.

District is staying as a Skirmish game it is gangs fighting between themselves and while the back ground I am working on could lend itself one day to a full war game based in a distant future at this time I don't want to go there with it.  I want to get everything else finished first.

So latest update.

Plus any one wanting to get a copy of district in it's present rules are there but very little else please get in touch. Would like to hear other peoples opinions on the mechanic. Don't mean I will change anything about it but nice to get feed back from outside the group who have been testing it.