Monday, 15 April 2013

District And Art Work

As we all know every good rule books should have art work, photographs, models and words.
Simple enough to do, now here is my issue my art style really is not suited to doing large scenes, well if I am honest and this is only my self critic talking my art style is not really suited to doing much more than a rough outline of the model I am designing.
With this al in mind I am now starting the art for District, an the plan is to actually build everything, so streets, buildings, tunnels and hills and cliffs if they be required. Then paint it all, trust air brush in hand for that and then position it and do the photos as the art work.
Does this sound like a bit of an OTT project or not?
I could raw it all and leave you to work out if its a tree or a gate post but I like the idea of building it slightly more, should also give some entertaining gaming board's to play on as well.
I am not building the whole city. I really don't have time or resources to do that.
Also if a general gaming area is 2'X2' and this is only a small area block and the city is nearly 100 miles across it would be a hell of a lot of gaming boards to build said city and not enough room in my "studio" to build it.

District coming some time this century........... I am hoping this year..... this year being 2013............