Friday, 15 March 2013

Mind on over drive

I wrote a bit of a rant, possibilities and random thoughts down the other week on my personal blog. It was actually in reply to someone during an email conversation about death and life and things which were hard to come to terms with. Generally I am not an overly religious person but I do like to study and I study all manner of things, from history and science to religion as they have some interesting points of reference for different things I am working on.
But it did get me thinking, and this lead to the idea of the 7 year war.
7 year war? Was there a 7 year war? The rapture (Always makes me think of the Dinosaur) folks think this is the case, humans will be ruptured off into haven and the sinners will be left on Earth to fight the Demons and Angels who will return to Earth to end the line of Good V's Evil.

Should I write this as a Game? a What If style war game. it has possibilities so far outside the box it is running around inside my head as how it would play what would be used when it would be set and so on.

So should I do it? District is coming to completion and I just want to try and put together another quick rule mechanic and a bit of a bigger skirmish game with the usual insane miniatures and art work. (Oh if I could draw good it would be) So thoughts people what are they?