Tuesday, 29 January 2013

District Characters and Models

Until this point we have been using other company models to represent the District characters and teams that run around. We have used Heresy Gang models. Heresy Gang Link
We have used some green's I threw together.
We have used Hassle free models. Hassle Free Sci Fi Models
We have used all kinds of models. I've been happy in play testing the rules like this but I have always had my own vision for the miniatures for the game.
Yes they are a little cartoonish but that is my style of drawing or was when I did these concept sketches.
I did a 54mm model for the game to as I thought 54mm would be a nice size.
I even started a couple of 3ups just in case I was going to go plastic.
And of course I went and sculpted a lot of heroic scale 28/34mm models.
So, I now have spent the last 6-8 weeks learning ZBrush, found the funds to buy a copy so I could do concepts a lot faster and once I can afford it I will have a 3D printer to start printing them out so I can see how they look in the real world. I am also getting a lot closer to what I want them to look like through trial and error, using my own armature I designed and using the human tool from with in the game, I though I should bring you up to speed on where these models are and any one following @FinalGamez on twitter can see a constant influx of updated sculpts and models as I rattle through different design ideas and models.
District has changed a lot since the original beta was posted. So below you will find the models so far done a mixture of my own and the human tool combined and if you'd like to leave thoughts on them please do.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

What is District?

District is a skirmish table top game.
Yes we know this. We all know this I have covered this several times over the years.
No one really knows much more than that. So what is the plan for District what is the world, worlds like?
This is what I am covering here.
A lot of the games out there are post apolitical,  after a great war, desolate waste lands, nuclear holocaust, rebuilding from the ashes, trying to control or save the planet, human race and so on.
District is not. There was a great war it happened but the people living on this world where never there to see it.
It all happened while they were travelling to the new world. It took 400 years, and communication between the earth and the planet is not going to happen.
So this means the world is still full functioning, bah its small "Gang" problem. As powers rise to take control of area's and maintain its underworld.

The world itself, though I have written the design specifications for the D.R.O.I.D systems, and the creation of the world from this blue print. I always wanted the world to look something like....

I like the idea of a mega city, I also like the idea of slums on the outskirts and the variations between the two being very similar but very different. 

These are the original CAD concepts of the boards and the buildings. Vastly filling the board and having narrow walk ways between, the boards were based on a 2'X2' board size. Yes tiny play area. But lots of things to hide behind. The idea of the habbitation box was so that you could just use an 8cm cube to represent buildings easily, this also lead to designing the buildings and creating them in card, just as mock ups, along with the idea of allowing them to lock together. This in produced this.

This is a recreational zone with in a District. As you can see its very basic but it works as a layout.

And finally the original art work design for the game scenery and idea. 

Showing the dense stacking of buildings within the District itself.

So now you have an idea what the world looks like. As we move ever closer to the production of this amazing little skirmish game.