Friday, 30 November 2012

District. Final Version Boxed Release. Kick Start Possibilities or Banks.

District has been wiped from the web sites, and the beta rules have been removed.
The new rules, layouts and designs are now going into final proofing.
Production should start early 2013.
Release date, now if we do this through kick-start to help increase the range, or improve what is in the box, or even just do a pre-release for any one wishing to back this project then you will receive a copy before it ever hits the shelves of your local gaming stockists.
Or we may just do it off our own backs with loans and hope that the community likes it and gamers get gaming their way with this boxed project. We shall have to wait and see, I am thinking Kick-Start personally. I have sunk so much money into doing this that I could do with some help finally just to get it to the shelves and of course those who wish to help will get there copy well in advance of everyone else as that is the biggest thank you you can give. That and we want to do something special for those that are backing us.

If we don't use Kick-Start the game will still appear as soon as possible and before the end of 2013.
But it wont be up there with what we want to do, the models will be great as  they already look great and were not talking about the greens you have seen there are newer better and more impressive models.
As well as more impressive weapons and design concepts for rules and the game.

I don't want to give to much away here just yet though as I need to crunch the remaining numbers.
An do some more CGI work. But its all looking amazing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are okay with me ripping everything down as we do have to destroy occasionally to move forwards.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where are we going?

After years of trying an failing to both get back into the industry or to produce a game I am lost in thought, I have written so many different things, been beaten to the post with a couple of things or just run out of money and had to put things on hold.

So, with District being 90% complete, the last 10% being no actual in house produced models for it, I am thinking of turning to kick start, which means now as I am writing this I am also dealing with trying to find the costs of producing a boxed game. Yes district is a boxed game, it has the ability to grow out side of the box but at this time it is simply a game in a box.

Takes about an hour to play is fast moving and works!

Has a campaign ability or a pick up and play ability to.

It has vastly changed since the BETA concept and while this has been downloaded quiet heavily I am unsure on who is playing it and have never had much feed back on it, a couple of people I sent out early rules to came back with they enjoyed the system and it worked well, but they have not yet had the new design. Yes this is a putting all your eggs in one basket type of shot. So with that in mind I shall say that District is coming and I am hoping it is what will get the ball rolling on the other games in the Final Gamez universe.

Oh and yes I know its a Z at the end of the Games instead of a S, but html code and web sites even keyboards can't work out what a backwards S is so the Z stuck.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I know I said Herenkoa till its finished BUT!!!

District is really flying along, the game has been playing well and the character creation system works really well, upgrading is coming along and weapons idea's are rolling around plus career paths for your gang members is all falling into place, this is a completely new rule concept for me, so the fine tuning has been pretty critical and we are having so much fun playing that we want to try and get it all finished and ready.
Which of course has put Herenkoa on a bit of a back burner, but I will say it is still coming, its another one of those I am unsure on how the rules will work when I bring forth the "squad" game which Herenkoa is meant to be, so it needs a lot more fine tuning. District though as a skirmish game works really well and is a very interesting new mechanic which I really wish I had thought of earlier. 

The issue I have always had with district is that its another Sci-Fi game and I never wanted it to fall into the same style of play as the already existing games which if I am honest it was looking like it might have done.
So new system ground up total rework the only thing that appears to have stayed the same to date is the STAT lines for characters and even they have been tweaked fairly heavily. 

District its not about guns, or who has the most men its not all about dice rolls it is about tactics and that is what I want to show out in the game. 

You will only ever be able to field a 5 man team. What makes up that team is up to you to decide. 
5 men, 6 skills, 7 career paths, 8 turns, 9 weapons. 1 Winner.
(possibly more than 6 skills, and 9 weapons)