Saturday, 27 October 2012

District Version 2. (thought released as version 1)

District is getting a massive overhaul.
The rule system is completely different.
The back ground is not even started.
The idea for models has gone out the window.
This is only going to be a Rule Set now.
The idea of doing models though appealing cuts deeply into the Herenkoa sculpting time, so District is now a Rule Set only, with back grounds and character creation, also will be throwing in how to build the scenery as well. The D.R.O.I.D Construction Template will be included in the rule, this is the buildings the D.R.O.I.D's built when landing first happened, of course since this time they have been modified by the humans inhabiting the planet which gives you chance to add to the constructions.
District Version 2. (Which will be released as version 1 coming SOON)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

District V2 Updates.

So testing tonight, went through some of the new mechanics, system appears to have potential some tweaking to do.
Trying to hold it in a gang level and keep the role play elements alive but keeping the flow moving seems to be looked at a little more.
Working on this over the next few days while am at dead ends with writing back grounds for Herenkoa.
New play system works, minor issue with downed characters breaking the pace a little and confussion of new actions.
But these will be fixed.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Have just put up an updated map for Herenkoa, it is still being tweaked names are changing positions are altering but the outline remains the same.
Added a few new area's non of the links work on it yet though. These are being saved for the big new web site unveil, though don't ask me when.

District Version 2 idea's being kicked about, will be some way off but it is the general idea of game play and turns mechanic.

Herenkoa though ever gaining speed, the dwarves went into the moulds today, so it is now a big push to get a collectable army ready, and some new back ground works done and research thrown together.

Shockingly I did do the whole District Version 2 concept work just to try and jog my brain a bit and break the dead lock in my head on Herenkoa as that is all I have been working on.

So there is the news.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Is it lazy?

I am presently sculpting a vast amount of bodies for Herenkoa so we can get the game up and running properly. Also am working on the new web site, which is starting to take shape, writing the "Bible" so any one wishing to work on it will know where the project is going or has been and I am creating new races for the game as it is a very big world.
Also a great amount of research from ancient civilizations is allowing me to really throw some different idea's into the game.

Is it lazy though that I am only sculpting the bodies, these then are cast and I am adding the arms, legs and heads to create different appearances and characters for each race. I know companies have done this for years and it does save time once you have a basic "skeleton" for a model. I just feel is lazy, all the District models were designs individually, while the Final Earth models were all designed off one template. My excuse for that is I was still learning back then.

Any way this is an update of where I stand at the moment. Herenkoa is well under way and am hoping it will appear soon in all its glory.

Plus the book that will accompany the game showing the start of the world from the humans point of view.
Just to give a different angle on the "Guardians" views from the core books.

Expect to see a vast increase in races when it comes.

Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Vampires, Were's, Trolls was only the beginning.
Cyclops's, Ogres, Minotaur's are all making their into the world plus a couple of other interesting surprises.