Tuesday, 28 August 2012



You probably haven't been wondering what the world looks like, but this is what it looks like.
Well the general outline any way. Am presently working on filling in the details on this giant island. When I say island I mean continent, the scales of some of the "buttons" need to be worked out still but I am slowly getting there.
So for the first time ever you can see what's in my head when it comes to the super continent of this ancient lost world of Deities, Demons and man.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Expand, Contract And August

So with the passage of time and killing the few hours I get between day job and sleep I have began working on new monsters and minions for the Deities that split Herenkoa into pieces.
Some I have done written work for which as already been shown in this blog, others I have simply done the concept art work for and am working the stories out within my head as I sit doodling.
With twists and turns borrowing from mythology though mainly Greek and adapting modern thinking towards these myths to create these unusual beings that walk the planet in tribes and fight in packs together.
So far it has mainly been expanding on monsters as well as introducing the Elves properly.
I am still having some technical issues when it comes to Elves, but am getting there.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Herenkoa and beyond.

I am presently researching mythology, I do enjoy mythology as it is a  great list of possibilities and inspiration for different race's in all game systems I write.
Greek is my present port of call for expanding on Bane's existence within Herenkoa and allowing me to expand from just there werewolf through to the other animal styles from mythology.
I have recently added a Minotaur snippet from the book I am working on showing the creation of the Minotaur race, and while using bits from the myths of these creatures I have tried to keep it as original as possible and without all the creation stories sounding the same. 
Yes my spelling and grammar need a bit of work and this will be corrected in the final version.
Hang On Though we thought you were working on Final Earth?
I am working on the Final Earth Core the rules and game play mechanic, but I do have to get other things out of my head or things get messy.
Plus I have been sketching a lot of mythical creatures of late and this is why I have decided to do the research now, plus it fills my day up in my full time job. 
So that is what I am doing at present expanding the list of playable races with in Herenkoa.
Oh and trying to work out how I can twist the Elf myths to my way of thinking.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

HERENKOA Bane Expansion Preview.


Bane wandered all over the rock. An while the fall of Bane is known through the creation of the Wares and the tales they tell about the creations of these races, the City of Taur tells another story, one of how they upset the deity which ended in the creation of the Mino-taur’s and the Cen-taur’s.
Two Stock Farmers held gigantic herds of cattle and horses, beneath the city of Taur in vast mazes and at the centre were the live stock; they did this to keep thieves, poachers and wild animals out. Only the family members knew the way through these tunnels to these prized animals.
While this was an incredible way to keep the stock safe it had draw backs, for within these tunnels lived the workers and families who over the years had built homes within the walls deep under the City. Above ground the farms worked lowering the food through long shining shafts on the surface, no one would be able to get in or our through this route. Everything worked and was in balance.
At this time Bane had not been on earth long and thought this was horrific but decided to watch and learn of why and how this was going on.
The cattle would be butchered and then transported out of these tunnels the same way the food was while the horses seemed to be lead out when needed by the family controlling that labyrinth.
Bane thoughts were of how ingenious these humans were in protecting their assets, but these were creatures the deity had been left to protect and grew angry at the lack of respect the humans had for these animals. Not allowing them the air, sun light or rain on their flesh.
Bane took a form and visited the family Minos who controlled the cattle farms and attempted to convince them that this was wrong and these animals the Guardians children should be free to walk in the sun light and fell the wind on their skin, it was accepted that they should still be allowed to butcher them and feast on their flesh but they should be allowed to walk on the surface.
Minos did not agree, his life’s work had been creating this and all his labours were making him very wealthy and would not release his stock. Bane said nothing and vanished into the night.
Bane was a vengeful spirit, filled with rage and anger at this human refusing the simple request. How to make them pay?
A thought was all it took, one simple though, if the people loved the cattle then they wouldn’t eat them. Though this wasn’t quiet how Bane pictured what would happen next, all the females in the tunnels fell madly in love with the Bulls under the city. Offering themselves freely to these beasts of burden from which they had tended all of their natural lives in the darkness of Minos labrynth.
Every woman under the city fell with child that night.
Time passed and then one faithful morning the screams erupted out of the shafts as the first child was born. Quickly followed by the others children and what formed was neither Human nor Bull and these off spring quickly vanished deep into the catacombs hidden within this might vault. Until they would return years later to claim what was rightfully theirs.