Saturday, 30 June 2012

Here We Go Again.

I have started working on Final Earth once more. 
Which is always makes me smile returning to where I started, though as always when I return to Final Earth I start by writing a new core rule system.
This is not an issue 3 rule systems down and a great amount of fine tuning and tinkering making the game run smoother and increasing the tactical appeal of the game. 
With Final Earth there will always be a rule set for skirmish one squad games, multi squad skirmish games and large scale war games. The designs are integrated together allowing for shared resources and stat lines with alterations to scaling which is simple to follow. 
Though I was sat thinking about District as I did this, being the futuristic game and having the luck of the dice rule, making a 1 always a miss and a 12 always a hit, Final Earth has always been a D10 game, I had no plans on changing this but I have now though of a new stat for District that being a LUCK stat, and the higher it is the lower that "12" roll would become, or you could have negative luck, which would mean getting that "12" would never happen or a reverse of this the dreaded "1" could suddenly become a "1,2 or 3" these are things I am playing with as a put together the new basic CORE of the Final Gamez System. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My portfolio site Final-Earth has had a massive overhaul. Holidays are coming and when I get back Final-Gamez is going to get a massive overhaul to. I do appear to do this a lot but as I discover more things I can do with Dreamweaver I like to expand the sites. 
I now am hoping it is easier to find the links to the Beta Rules for Herenkoa, and District. 
There is also some new concept art work up and other bits and pieces I have been doing.
Will also be adding more to it when time allows after I have been away for a few days.