Thursday, 9 February 2012


Full time job is getting a bit frantic once more, am falling behind again.
I don't like falling behind. It happens though.
Several idea's kicking around and alterations to all three systems.
So a lot of working kicking around.
District has not yet has its design brief idea posted. I haven't finished it this is the reason behind it.
I am working on Final Earth and Herenkoa as well, and while the design briefs are in place for both I am personally not happy with the Herenkoa brief at all. it is just the back ground story and very little else.
Final earth is a rough outline of the initial game and the scale brief was written for myself more to give me an idea of where I was going.

Presently though most of my work is being done with paper and pen, which is unusual I normally sit and type and then sort it all out. I am trying to just get idea's out of my head again and in front of me.

I may also get some mini's thrown together soon also and new photos, instead of just the random piece I have been doing with no plan on selling or sharing.