Thursday, 20 December 2012

The New Site Build Has Started

The New Site has Started.
Old Site completely removed.
New Site going up.
Very Empty at the moment.
All new bits will be appearing over the coming weeks.

Friday, 30 November 2012

District. Final Version Boxed Release. Kick Start Possibilities or Banks.

District has been wiped from the web sites, and the beta rules have been removed.
The new rules, layouts and designs are now going into final proofing.
Production should start early 2013.
Release date, now if we do this through kick-start to help increase the range, or improve what is in the box, or even just do a pre-release for any one wishing to back this project then you will receive a copy before it ever hits the shelves of your local gaming stockists.
Or we may just do it off our own backs with loans and hope that the community likes it and gamers get gaming their way with this boxed project. We shall have to wait and see, I am thinking Kick-Start personally. I have sunk so much money into doing this that I could do with some help finally just to get it to the shelves and of course those who wish to help will get there copy well in advance of everyone else as that is the biggest thank you you can give. That and we want to do something special for those that are backing us.

If we don't use Kick-Start the game will still appear as soon as possible and before the end of 2013.
But it wont be up there with what we want to do, the models will be great as  they already look great and were not talking about the greens you have seen there are newer better and more impressive models.
As well as more impressive weapons and design concepts for rules and the game.

I don't want to give to much away here just yet though as I need to crunch the remaining numbers.
An do some more CGI work. But its all looking amazing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are okay with me ripping everything down as we do have to destroy occasionally to move forwards.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where are we going?

After years of trying an failing to both get back into the industry or to produce a game I am lost in thought, I have written so many different things, been beaten to the post with a couple of things or just run out of money and had to put things on hold.

So, with District being 90% complete, the last 10% being no actual in house produced models for it, I am thinking of turning to kick start, which means now as I am writing this I am also dealing with trying to find the costs of producing a boxed game. Yes district is a boxed game, it has the ability to grow out side of the box but at this time it is simply a game in a box.

Takes about an hour to play is fast moving and works!

Has a campaign ability or a pick up and play ability to.

It has vastly changed since the BETA concept and while this has been downloaded quiet heavily I am unsure on who is playing it and have never had much feed back on it, a couple of people I sent out early rules to came back with they enjoyed the system and it worked well, but they have not yet had the new design. Yes this is a putting all your eggs in one basket type of shot. So with that in mind I shall say that District is coming and I am hoping it is what will get the ball rolling on the other games in the Final Gamez universe.

Oh and yes I know its a Z at the end of the Games instead of a S, but html code and web sites even keyboards can't work out what a backwards S is so the Z stuck.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I know I said Herenkoa till its finished BUT!!!

District is really flying along, the game has been playing well and the character creation system works really well, upgrading is coming along and weapons idea's are rolling around plus career paths for your gang members is all falling into place, this is a completely new rule concept for me, so the fine tuning has been pretty critical and we are having so much fun playing that we want to try and get it all finished and ready.
Which of course has put Herenkoa on a bit of a back burner, but I will say it is still coming, its another one of those I am unsure on how the rules will work when I bring forth the "squad" game which Herenkoa is meant to be, so it needs a lot more fine tuning. District though as a skirmish game works really well and is a very interesting new mechanic which I really wish I had thought of earlier. 

The issue I have always had with district is that its another Sci-Fi game and I never wanted it to fall into the same style of play as the already existing games which if I am honest it was looking like it might have done.
So new system ground up total rework the only thing that appears to have stayed the same to date is the STAT lines for characters and even they have been tweaked fairly heavily. 

District its not about guns, or who has the most men its not all about dice rolls it is about tactics and that is what I want to show out in the game. 

You will only ever be able to field a 5 man team. What makes up that team is up to you to decide. 
5 men, 6 skills, 7 career paths, 8 turns, 9 weapons. 1 Winner.
(possibly more than 6 skills, and 9 weapons)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

District Version 2. (thought released as version 1)

District is getting a massive overhaul.
The rule system is completely different.
The back ground is not even started.
The idea for models has gone out the window.
This is only going to be a Rule Set now.
The idea of doing models though appealing cuts deeply into the Herenkoa sculpting time, so District is now a Rule Set only, with back grounds and character creation, also will be throwing in how to build the scenery as well. The D.R.O.I.D Construction Template will be included in the rule, this is the buildings the D.R.O.I.D's built when landing first happened, of course since this time they have been modified by the humans inhabiting the planet which gives you chance to add to the constructions.
District Version 2. (Which will be released as version 1 coming SOON)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

District V2 Updates.

So testing tonight, went through some of the new mechanics, system appears to have potential some tweaking to do.
Trying to hold it in a gang level and keep the role play elements alive but keeping the flow moving seems to be looked at a little more.
Working on this over the next few days while am at dead ends with writing back grounds for Herenkoa.
New play system works, minor issue with downed characters breaking the pace a little and confussion of new actions.
But these will be fixed.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Have just put up an updated map for Herenkoa, it is still being tweaked names are changing positions are altering but the outline remains the same.
Added a few new area's non of the links work on it yet though. These are being saved for the big new web site unveil, though don't ask me when.

District Version 2 idea's being kicked about, will be some way off but it is the general idea of game play and turns mechanic.

Herenkoa though ever gaining speed, the dwarves went into the moulds today, so it is now a big push to get a collectable army ready, and some new back ground works done and research thrown together.

Shockingly I did do the whole District Version 2 concept work just to try and jog my brain a bit and break the dead lock in my head on Herenkoa as that is all I have been working on.

So there is the news.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Is it lazy?

I am presently sculpting a vast amount of bodies for Herenkoa so we can get the game up and running properly. Also am working on the new web site, which is starting to take shape, writing the "Bible" so any one wishing to work on it will know where the project is going or has been and I am creating new races for the game as it is a very big world.
Also a great amount of research from ancient civilizations is allowing me to really throw some different idea's into the game.

Is it lazy though that I am only sculpting the bodies, these then are cast and I am adding the arms, legs and heads to create different appearances and characters for each race. I know companies have done this for years and it does save time once you have a basic "skeleton" for a model. I just feel is lazy, all the District models were designs individually, while the Final Earth models were all designed off one template. My excuse for that is I was still learning back then.

Any way this is an update of where I stand at the moment. Herenkoa is well under way and am hoping it will appear soon in all its glory.

Plus the book that will accompany the game showing the start of the world from the humans point of view.
Just to give a different angle on the "Guardians" views from the core books.

Expect to see a vast increase in races when it comes.

Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Vampires, Were's, Trolls was only the beginning.
Cyclops's, Ogres, Minotaur's are all making their into the world plus a couple of other interesting surprises.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Work In Progress Updates.

My work space in my home office at present is a bit of a mess.

But I do have these work in progress greens floating about.

From Left to Right.
Former for something big.
Former for Minotaur.
Former for Troll.
A Gnome
Former For Dwarf.
Former for Vampire.
These are all the starts for the Herenkoa miniatures.

Herenkoa Until its Finished.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


You probably haven't been wondering what the world looks like, but this is what it looks like.
Well the general outline any way. Am presently working on filling in the details on this giant island. When I say island I mean continent, the scales of some of the "buttons" need to be worked out still but I am slowly getting there.
So for the first time ever you can see what's in my head when it comes to the super continent of this ancient lost world of Deities, Demons and man.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Expand, Contract And August

So with the passage of time and killing the few hours I get between day job and sleep I have began working on new monsters and minions for the Deities that split Herenkoa into pieces.
Some I have done written work for which as already been shown in this blog, others I have simply done the concept art work for and am working the stories out within my head as I sit doodling.
With twists and turns borrowing from mythology though mainly Greek and adapting modern thinking towards these myths to create these unusual beings that walk the planet in tribes and fight in packs together.
So far it has mainly been expanding on monsters as well as introducing the Elves properly.
I am still having some technical issues when it comes to Elves, but am getting there.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Herenkoa and beyond.

I am presently researching mythology, I do enjoy mythology as it is a  great list of possibilities and inspiration for different race's in all game systems I write.
Greek is my present port of call for expanding on Bane's existence within Herenkoa and allowing me to expand from just there werewolf through to the other animal styles from mythology.
I have recently added a Minotaur snippet from the book I am working on showing the creation of the Minotaur race, and while using bits from the myths of these creatures I have tried to keep it as original as possible and without all the creation stories sounding the same. 
Yes my spelling and grammar need a bit of work and this will be corrected in the final version.
Hang On Though we thought you were working on Final Earth?
I am working on the Final Earth Core the rules and game play mechanic, but I do have to get other things out of my head or things get messy.
Plus I have been sketching a lot of mythical creatures of late and this is why I have decided to do the research now, plus it fills my day up in my full time job. 
So that is what I am doing at present expanding the list of playable races with in Herenkoa.
Oh and trying to work out how I can twist the Elf myths to my way of thinking.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

HERENKOA Bane Expansion Preview.


Bane wandered all over the rock. An while the fall of Bane is known through the creation of the Wares and the tales they tell about the creations of these races, the City of Taur tells another story, one of how they upset the deity which ended in the creation of the Mino-taur’s and the Cen-taur’s.
Two Stock Farmers held gigantic herds of cattle and horses, beneath the city of Taur in vast mazes and at the centre were the live stock; they did this to keep thieves, poachers and wild animals out. Only the family members knew the way through these tunnels to these prized animals.
While this was an incredible way to keep the stock safe it had draw backs, for within these tunnels lived the workers and families who over the years had built homes within the walls deep under the City. Above ground the farms worked lowering the food through long shining shafts on the surface, no one would be able to get in or our through this route. Everything worked and was in balance.
At this time Bane had not been on earth long and thought this was horrific but decided to watch and learn of why and how this was going on.
The cattle would be butchered and then transported out of these tunnels the same way the food was while the horses seemed to be lead out when needed by the family controlling that labyrinth.
Bane thoughts were of how ingenious these humans were in protecting their assets, but these were creatures the deity had been left to protect and grew angry at the lack of respect the humans had for these animals. Not allowing them the air, sun light or rain on their flesh.
Bane took a form and visited the family Minos who controlled the cattle farms and attempted to convince them that this was wrong and these animals the Guardians children should be free to walk in the sun light and fell the wind on their skin, it was accepted that they should still be allowed to butcher them and feast on their flesh but they should be allowed to walk on the surface.
Minos did not agree, his life’s work had been creating this and all his labours were making him very wealthy and would not release his stock. Bane said nothing and vanished into the night.
Bane was a vengeful spirit, filled with rage and anger at this human refusing the simple request. How to make them pay?
A thought was all it took, one simple though, if the people loved the cattle then they wouldn’t eat them. Though this wasn’t quiet how Bane pictured what would happen next, all the females in the tunnels fell madly in love with the Bulls under the city. Offering themselves freely to these beasts of burden from which they had tended all of their natural lives in the darkness of Minos labrynth.
Every woman under the city fell with child that night.
Time passed and then one faithful morning the screams erupted out of the shafts as the first child was born. Quickly followed by the others children and what formed was neither Human nor Bull and these off spring quickly vanished deep into the catacombs hidden within this might vault. Until they would return years later to claim what was rightfully theirs. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WEB Site Testing Post

Am trying to incorporate the new feeds into the web site, so this is just a test blog to make sure it updates. 
You shall see the new web site soon. 

Monday, 9 July 2012


The Final Gamez site is going through a massive over haul.
New menu's, new colours, new pages, new layouts and new content.
This is going to take a while as the District Section alone so far covers 16 pages.
This means Herenkoa, and Final Earth will also have a high number of pages.
With !NEW! art work, !NEW! photos and !NEW! system.
I know the beta for the above games have only just gone live but things are moving along this end.
Also Fallout may get a bit of an expansion beyond the little bit it gets but am unsure on this.
May remove it all together.  We shall have to wait and see.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Here We Go Again.

I have started working on Final Earth once more. 
Which is always makes me smile returning to where I started, though as always when I return to Final Earth I start by writing a new core rule system.
This is not an issue 3 rule systems down and a great amount of fine tuning and tinkering making the game run smoother and increasing the tactical appeal of the game. 
With Final Earth there will always be a rule set for skirmish one squad games, multi squad skirmish games and large scale war games. The designs are integrated together allowing for shared resources and stat lines with alterations to scaling which is simple to follow. 
Though I was sat thinking about District as I did this, being the futuristic game and having the luck of the dice rule, making a 1 always a miss and a 12 always a hit, Final Earth has always been a D10 game, I had no plans on changing this but I have now though of a new stat for District that being a LUCK stat, and the higher it is the lower that "12" roll would become, or you could have negative luck, which would mean getting that "12" would never happen or a reverse of this the dreaded "1" could suddenly become a "1,2 or 3" these are things I am playing with as a put together the new basic CORE of the Final Gamez System. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My portfolio site Final-Earth has had a massive overhaul. Holidays are coming and when I get back Final-Gamez is going to get a massive overhaul to. I do appear to do this a lot but as I discover more things I can do with Dreamweaver I like to expand the sites. 
I now am hoping it is easier to find the links to the Beta Rules for Herenkoa, and District. 
There is also some new concept art work up and other bits and pieces I have been doing.
Will also be adding more to it when time allows after I have been away for a few days.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


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District Goes BETA


That's it, the District Beta Rule set, still a way to go with art work and fine tuning but it is here!
I never thought I was going to get to this point, there are still things to do like design pre built characters and try and work out a point system, these things will come though and the art work will be improved.
Though for now the rules work and any confusion just add a reply here and shall amend as needed.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Full time job is getting a bit frantic once more, am falling behind again.
I don't like falling behind. It happens though.
Several idea's kicking around and alterations to all three systems.
So a lot of working kicking around.
District has not yet has its design brief idea posted. I haven't finished it this is the reason behind it.
I am working on Final Earth and Herenkoa as well, and while the design briefs are in place for both I am personally not happy with the Herenkoa brief at all. it is just the back ground story and very little else.
Final earth is a rough outline of the initial game and the scale brief was written for myself more to give me an idea of where I was going.

Presently though most of my work is being done with paper and pen, which is unusual I normally sit and type and then sort it all out. I am trying to just get idea's out of my head again and in front of me.

I may also get some mini's thrown together soon also and new photos, instead of just the random piece I have been doing with no plan on selling or sharing.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Throwing Idea's Around

With all this Final Earth stuff appearing I keep throwing up new idea's, like a 54mm version of District or even a 90mm version instead of the standard 30mm, a 6mm version of Final Earth or a 15mm version of Herenkoa.

Just loads of random idea's that can be done once the general back ground and design stuff is completed, all about changing a few tables and working away.