Thursday, 15 December 2011

So who thinks the new sites look better then?

Final Gamez
have both been updated, if you came here from the blogger go look, if you came here from Final Gamez then go look at the other.

It is mainly CSS updates but I think it looks better than the old sites. 
I'm also putting up loads of new stuff onto Final Gamez as you might have spotted, now I am happy with the design any way.

If you feel like it leave comments in the box below. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I am a little behind.
Through my own actions and faults.
I am presently spending more time on my portfolio site FINAL EARTH it was thrown up in a rush, and while it is housing a lot of work, it still needs to be improved.
With learning and restudying HTML and CSS at the moment it is getting there.
Once I have this to a point I will get the design documents completed that need doing.
An I shall rebuild the rule sets for Final Earth and Herenkoa making them available to download.