Thursday, 24 November 2011

Reasons behind everything.

So, I am going to take a wild guess at every one going why was nothing ever finished. An here is the thing a lot of it was, a lot of things were completed in writing terms but never appeared, I am some what a perfectionist and with having no one to tell me that's done that works that is complete stop there I just carry on regardless. This would lead me to constantly restarting because something just didn't work in my head, though it did to everyone else. I was always trying to design a game I would enjoy playing, an I did, many times the mechanic of the game always seemed to work. Was other things that would get to me, why did that race do that, how does the science behind that work really. This was and is my downfall.
Final Earth was never finished because though you could play the game in around an hour on the table and it was fun the pre and post game section took way too long, which lead me to feel the game in general would be better suited to a computer game than a table top game. The idea of a table top war game progressing along a time line has always appealed to me, and gives more reason for new things appearing old things reappearing as they are rediscovered. So this in mind I stopped working on Final Earth and moved on.
Herenkoa came next, now this was designed just for working out the mechanic of the larger scale war game version of Final Earth, getting the mechanic right for squad based combat, and  with less about building colonies and tribes. Cutting out the bits I missed in the game but having a working war game that I could enjoy, and playing it I did, will be honest was fun fast and furious great little game. The downfall came when it came to the back ground, Vampires to be exact, yes I could have gone down the just because route, I didn't want to. I wanted and still do want to have the science behind everything and the magic which tied the world together. Which is where it went wrong, I couldn't believe my own story of why Vampires caught fire in sun light. Which knocked me back a bit, I also wanted a game with GUNS, I kept doing old fantasy games with no ballistic weapons, yeah I like guns. So I went backwards again, refine tuned the rules tightening them up even more and started writing District, which If I am honest all comes from watching District 9. The film that inspired me to do that, but then back ground just started getting out of control and once more I started fine tuning it and I still am. Single squad based small table top war game, and it works. I am happy with it, I am just trying to get the whole weapons, back grounds and ideas together properly in my head.
I am a big believer in playing for a reason, I like scenarios I like to have an objective a reason for them to be fighting. A reason for this to happen. An this is where I am with District, getting all these bits into place, along with attempting to be some what more original than a rifle being what we all expect a rifle to be. I want to do quirky and a little bit out side the box and I am working towards it, I also want to be able to sculpt faces and hands better. So now you know the reasons and as I have given up everything will be laid bare in front of the world to se the idea's the design concepts and the how it should be and where it should go layouts.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

So this evening....

I have spent some time going over the original Final Earth designs, documents and histories.
I plan on rewriting the whole rule book, putting the art work back in and laying it out once more, with updated rules, improved explanations and art work.
This will be appearing on the Final Earth web site by Christmas. Well that is the plan.
The rules are fairly well set, using some alterations and advancements with in the Role play element of the game I have designed for studio testing of the other systems it should all come together very quickly.
This along with the original design brief I wrote for myself and others who wished to work with me on it will be appearing for download as I said by Christmas, once this is done I will rework Herenkoa into a PDF add the missing pages and adjust some sections to bring it more into line with the other games in the system and finally end of this year or early next year I will publish the whole of the District rules in PDF form to the web site as well.
These will all be of course free, and come with the original design documents that were written to help me advance the games along.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Behind the scenes

I have reopened the FINAL EARTH web site.
On here I am putting all the design documents and idea's as we ll as complete history of games that I have written over the years. Along with the designer notes, which will show what was to happen and as we know what didn't happen.

I also plan on putting finished version of the games as well for download, when they have been compiled into PFD files.
Also art work and sculpts that have never been seen before, things that worked, idea's that didn't.

It will also have other items I have worked on as well, not just my games designs. Plus anything new I come up with.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


New blog for a bit, been a little busy with full time job, training courses and playing with 3D software.
For those that look in regular too see what has been going on you might have noticed some movement.
Geek There has been taken offline so the link is now gone and will return once they have sorted out what they are doing with the servers.
Plus the alteration, the site is to be more of a portfolio of work than the original intended site.
This dose not mean I have given up on the projects, they are still in the works, it does mean I have given up on the company idea, and will be returning them to free to download promotional work.
The models will possibly never appear but there will be how too's and suggested models for use with the games and the systems. 
I have to find a new full time job which I am presently looking for, as the company I presently work for though can keep me employed until I am able to leave, but has reached a bit of a dead end for me. I have no where else to advance too and as such is time to move on, and as I wish to move on to a more creative role it has been decided to use the resources I have to promote myself publicly.