Monday, 8 August 2011

Balance in table top gaming.

I was just reading something on Tabletop Gaming News, which in turn made me think about balance.
The idea of using tactics, the luck of the dice rolls and the balance of the game.

How does balance work? Really think about this. You all have the same weapons, the same stat line, you use the same equipment, everything on the board is identical.
Now its all down to the dice rolls, which is not balanced, you can balance the dice rolls can you. They are totally random, unless you have loaded dice, which would be cheating.

So to use tactics you can't really have a balanced game. It just wont work. A super human is always going to be more powerful than a human but enough humans would take down a super human, but due to the dice rolls a human could take down a super human with pure luck of the dice.

So we have a weak character, armour is not up to much so we give them a better weapon to counter the oppositions better armour and skill..... Hang on that's not balanced either.

So you revert to all characters having the same stat lines........ now that's just boring that's back to luck of the dice.

So how do you fix this. You can't, this leads back to no game being truly balanced. If it is different race's then each race should be specialised in an area, close combat, shooting, technology. This is the balance with in it, but this in my own head don't work. So once more it falls back to the dice rolls and how lucky the individual actual is.

With this all in my mind I now return to putting together my Sci-Fi game, and the thought of suspending the belief of millions of people in that a human can survive being shot in chest repeatedly with out any kind of training or medical help. Back to explaining how humans can have Terra-formed a whole planet with city creation by robots but have problems making guns. Oh and why everything on the planet looks fairly new and not destroyed as with most Sci-Fi games.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August Concept forming.

Some thing new is coming, well we say new but its more an extension of the District game, with the rebuild of the world and fluff to bring it together the thoughts have been building of that sporting events would there be in this world, and so we have started work on a little stand alone sporting competition.
Which ill not involve balls of any kind.