Sunday, 24 July 2011


Started as a month pretty much like any other.
Things being put together and concepts being scribbled down.
Rules wise district is finished.
Its now reworking the fluff and reasons behind things.
This is slowly rolling into a massive project.
From the idea's concepts and scraps of paper and thoughts in my head it is now time to try and tie it all together. Weapons are going through a massive change as with gangs, structures and the history and future.
This is effectively a complete rewrite of the history, a lot of things are staying in place, like houses, regions, gangs and the handful of characters that exists already, its just the reasons they are like this and planet lay out which is now under the magnifying glass, this will take a few weeks, new art coming along and a rewrite of the rules as there are a couple of contradicting sections, badly worded segments and the layout in general needs work.
Plus the odd little rule alteration, but they are minor in the whole of the game.