Tuesday, 8 March 2011

March of the Mad Hares

Yeah I know the titles a little bit different.
So plans, shop is in place. Am presently looking for some one to do a production run on some 3ups for limited sales, when I say limited I mean cast till mould destruction then the moulds being destroyed and that is all there will ever be of that model.

Secondly PDF version of District to appear as well on digital download, if it sells and makes some money then I shall put a printed version into production.

The PDF version of any system with in the Final Gamez universes will be a fraction of the cost of the printed version. Though I have spent a lot of time and energy researching and building the game system as well as doing the art work and stories for it that is now what the digital version is about. So will be keeping the actual cost of it as low as I can. Though as it is digital I have to work out the VAT on it as well and see what it is going to cost in tax to sell, but I have no plans on letting the digital version go over £10. The printed version though may end up in the £20 range due to costs of printing.

I am fortunate enough to not have people to pay for work on most of the systems as every thing has been written, drawn and designed by my self. This means the only person that needs paying for it is me and I wont be charging myself for my work in any kind of form.