Thursday, 3 February 2011


I just built a shop!

Yes that right I have built a bit of a shop, there is nothing on it yet, over the next few days will be getting bits and pieces put together and built and collection of stock and some limited editions will be appearing.

Some will be old sculpts, some will be new sculpts and as long as the cast goes to plan there will be a 90mm yes 90mm District Character appearing purely for promotional reasons, as in to promote District.

Also I may put up some things that will never be making it into production and will be on incredibly limited runs, and when I say limited runs I do mean less than 100.

Every thing is being hand moulded and hand cast, this may take a few days if not a couple of weeks to do. but the shop is now in place and as soon as there is enough stock and the pricing has been worked out they will begin to appear.

One step closer to the next step.