Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New year

Yes, I know I don't blog enough or keep things updated enough and the site falls behind, this is the downside of being a loan writer, sculptor, caster and artist.
I know I fall behind as I have to keep a day job and freelance work in order to keep my head above water.
I also under stand that it means this site appears to go slowly. I never wanted it to go slowly.
I have taken a long Christmas break and am back into the swing now. I had to take the break as my Day job was sucking up all my energy and this meant I was unable to work at nights.
But now my brain is back into design mode and I am once more back to sketching and planning.
There is a lot of things being scribbled down on bits of paper and plasticine objects forming all over the place at the moment.
So I shall apologise for the lack of new news, and we shall get back into 2011 with some thing going bang?!?