Thursday, 15 December 2011

So who thinks the new sites look better then?

Final Gamez
have both been updated, if you came here from the blogger go look, if you came here from Final Gamez then go look at the other.

It is mainly CSS updates but I think it looks better than the old sites. 
I'm also putting up loads of new stuff onto Final Gamez as you might have spotted, now I am happy with the design any way.

If you feel like it leave comments in the box below. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I am a little behind.
Through my own actions and faults.
I am presently spending more time on my portfolio site FINAL EARTH it was thrown up in a rush, and while it is housing a lot of work, it still needs to be improved.
With learning and restudying HTML and CSS at the moment it is getting there.
Once I have this to a point I will get the design documents completed that need doing.
An I shall rebuild the rule sets for Final Earth and Herenkoa making them available to download.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Reasons behind everything.

So, I am going to take a wild guess at every one going why was nothing ever finished. An here is the thing a lot of it was, a lot of things were completed in writing terms but never appeared, I am some what a perfectionist and with having no one to tell me that's done that works that is complete stop there I just carry on regardless. This would lead me to constantly restarting because something just didn't work in my head, though it did to everyone else. I was always trying to design a game I would enjoy playing, an I did, many times the mechanic of the game always seemed to work. Was other things that would get to me, why did that race do that, how does the science behind that work really. This was and is my downfall.
Final Earth was never finished because though you could play the game in around an hour on the table and it was fun the pre and post game section took way too long, which lead me to feel the game in general would be better suited to a computer game than a table top game. The idea of a table top war game progressing along a time line has always appealed to me, and gives more reason for new things appearing old things reappearing as they are rediscovered. So this in mind I stopped working on Final Earth and moved on.
Herenkoa came next, now this was designed just for working out the mechanic of the larger scale war game version of Final Earth, getting the mechanic right for squad based combat, and  with less about building colonies and tribes. Cutting out the bits I missed in the game but having a working war game that I could enjoy, and playing it I did, will be honest was fun fast and furious great little game. The downfall came when it came to the back ground, Vampires to be exact, yes I could have gone down the just because route, I didn't want to. I wanted and still do want to have the science behind everything and the magic which tied the world together. Which is where it went wrong, I couldn't believe my own story of why Vampires caught fire in sun light. Which knocked me back a bit, I also wanted a game with GUNS, I kept doing old fantasy games with no ballistic weapons, yeah I like guns. So I went backwards again, refine tuned the rules tightening them up even more and started writing District, which If I am honest all comes from watching District 9. The film that inspired me to do that, but then back ground just started getting out of control and once more I started fine tuning it and I still am. Single squad based small table top war game, and it works. I am happy with it, I am just trying to get the whole weapons, back grounds and ideas together properly in my head.
I am a big believer in playing for a reason, I like scenarios I like to have an objective a reason for them to be fighting. A reason for this to happen. An this is where I am with District, getting all these bits into place, along with attempting to be some what more original than a rifle being what we all expect a rifle to be. I want to do quirky and a little bit out side the box and I am working towards it, I also want to be able to sculpt faces and hands better. So now you know the reasons and as I have given up everything will be laid bare in front of the world to se the idea's the design concepts and the how it should be and where it should go layouts.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

So this evening....

I have spent some time going over the original Final Earth designs, documents and histories.
I plan on rewriting the whole rule book, putting the art work back in and laying it out once more, with updated rules, improved explanations and art work.
This will be appearing on the Final Earth web site by Christmas. Well that is the plan.
The rules are fairly well set, using some alterations and advancements with in the Role play element of the game I have designed for studio testing of the other systems it should all come together very quickly.
This along with the original design brief I wrote for myself and others who wished to work with me on it will be appearing for download as I said by Christmas, once this is done I will rework Herenkoa into a PDF add the missing pages and adjust some sections to bring it more into line with the other games in the system and finally end of this year or early next year I will publish the whole of the District rules in PDF form to the web site as well.
These will all be of course free, and come with the original design documents that were written to help me advance the games along.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Behind the scenes

I have reopened the FINAL EARTH web site.
On here I am putting all the design documents and idea's as we ll as complete history of games that I have written over the years. Along with the designer notes, which will show what was to happen and as we know what didn't happen.

I also plan on putting finished version of the games as well for download, when they have been compiled into PFD files.
Also art work and sculpts that have never been seen before, things that worked, idea's that didn't.

It will also have other items I have worked on as well, not just my games designs. Plus anything new I come up with.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


New blog for a bit, been a little busy with full time job, training courses and playing with 3D software.
For those that look in regular too see what has been going on you might have noticed some movement.
Geek There has been taken offline so the link is now gone and will return once they have sorted out what they are doing with the servers.
Plus the alteration, the site is to be more of a portfolio of work than the original intended site.
This dose not mean I have given up on the projects, they are still in the works, it does mean I have given up on the company idea, and will be returning them to free to download promotional work.
The models will possibly never appear but there will be how too's and suggested models for use with the games and the systems. 
I have to find a new full time job which I am presently looking for, as the company I presently work for though can keep me employed until I am able to leave, but has reached a bit of a dead end for me. I have no where else to advance too and as such is time to move on, and as I wish to move on to a more creative role it has been decided to use the resources I have to promote myself publicly. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

What does the future hold?

So seriously what does the future hold, writing sci-fi is always interesting. Though I am annoying I like to make the science work.
Though I am at the point where I don't want the world to look like the world.
District is designed on a new non war torn world.
Though everything we have done to date appears to be war torn, this is wrong.
Weapons, a rifle is a rifle, a pistol is a pistol, I don't want to go down this route.
War games should be fun. YES they should, but when a character has been destroyed it should be removed?

Digression, so weapons, idea's and concepts are coming along. Some new idea's some new thoughts, and some very different looking idea's for war gaming.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Balance in table top gaming.

I was just reading something on Tabletop Gaming News, which in turn made me think about balance.
The idea of using tactics, the luck of the dice rolls and the balance of the game.

How does balance work? Really think about this. You all have the same weapons, the same stat line, you use the same equipment, everything on the board is identical.
Now its all down to the dice rolls, which is not balanced, you can balance the dice rolls can you. They are totally random, unless you have loaded dice, which would be cheating.

So to use tactics you can't really have a balanced game. It just wont work. A super human is always going to be more powerful than a human but enough humans would take down a super human, but due to the dice rolls a human could take down a super human with pure luck of the dice.

So we have a weak character, armour is not up to much so we give them a better weapon to counter the oppositions better armour and skill..... Hang on that's not balanced either.

So you revert to all characters having the same stat lines........ now that's just boring that's back to luck of the dice.

So how do you fix this. You can't, this leads back to no game being truly balanced. If it is different race's then each race should be specialised in an area, close combat, shooting, technology. This is the balance with in it, but this in my own head don't work. So once more it falls back to the dice rolls and how lucky the individual actual is.

With this all in my mind I now return to putting together my Sci-Fi game, and the thought of suspending the belief of millions of people in that a human can survive being shot in chest repeatedly with out any kind of training or medical help. Back to explaining how humans can have Terra-formed a whole planet with city creation by robots but have problems making guns. Oh and why everything on the planet looks fairly new and not destroyed as with most Sci-Fi games.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August Concept forming.

Some thing new is coming, well we say new but its more an extension of the District game, with the rebuild of the world and fluff to bring it together the thoughts have been building of that sporting events would there be in this world, and so we have started work on a little stand alone sporting competition.
Which ill not involve balls of any kind.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Started as a month pretty much like any other.
Things being put together and concepts being scribbled down.
Rules wise district is finished.
Its now reworking the fluff and reasons behind things.
This is slowly rolling into a massive project.
From the idea's concepts and scraps of paper and thoughts in my head it is now time to try and tie it all together. Weapons are going through a massive change as with gangs, structures and the history and future.
This is effectively a complete rewrite of the history, a lot of things are staying in place, like houses, regions, gangs and the handful of characters that exists already, its just the reasons they are like this and planet lay out which is now under the magnifying glass, this will take a few weeks, new art coming along and a rewrite of the rules as there are a couple of contradicting sections, badly worded segments and the layout in general needs work.
Plus the odd little rule alteration, but they are minor in the whole of the game.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Welcome to JUNE

Beta Version 2 of District is about ready to be play tested.
Few expansions to the previous version.

Was meant to be finished this week but my day job has been a little hectic so has put me behind.

Also to top it off it is annual holiday as of the 6th June until the 18th I shall be working on a few bits once I am back home which will be around the 13th.

Time to go watch bands and enjoy a brief few days of peace at Donington Park, for Download 2011.

Shall see you all on the other side.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The District BETA for District One

Should be available to download by the end of the week.
This is a BETA, not the full game.
Though the game will be playable through the beta release it is missing a fair bit of the back ground, art and scenario rules and explanations.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Moving Servers

Presently moving servers for the site.
New server new add ons and things to come.
Been finding loads of handy little bits which will come in handy over the coming weeks.
Unfortunately it does mean the site might be a bit erratic for a few days.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

District Alterations

Not really many, though some one is stuck in the GW logic of game play.
Not me, but my play tester.
So used to playing large board skirmish games he forgot where he stood in tiny board skirmish games.
Most games have taken no longer than 60 minutes.
Some tweeking has been done with the game, alterations to weapons.

Though the rules on AIM now become slightly questioned, possibly out of very little sleep.
The general issue is a simple one, with certain games, you have to roll your  dice equal or over a number which when added together equal 7. For any one who plays this game that hadn't worked this out look at the rolls you need minimum and add them to the skill of the shooter is add's up to 7.

District does not work this way.
AIM is the firing mechanism of choice, and in order to hit you must roll higher than your aim in order to hit the target, so very simple on D12 you need to roll 7 to hit with a basic human who has an AIM of 6.

If your shooting at a target 6" less away you gain +1 to the dice roll.
So when firing at character A you roll and get 6, then add the 1 making 7 well that is a hit.
Weapons have recoil, not all but a fair few of them. Ranging from 0 to -4 depending on the power of said weapon.

A6 needing 7 still to hit. but what ever you roll is at a disadvantage as the weapon kicks you back sending the shot off course slightly. so if you roll the D12 and get 7 you have to remember to take away what ever the modifier is on the dice roll.

So the question was why don't I use 13 to hit. An the answer to this is simple, every roll should be over a number on the profile.

so close combat to wound you have to roll over your opponents DR which is an average of 6. but you can add the weapons Attack value to the dice roll.

Hitting in hand to hand you have to roll over your opponents Agility, which is also an average of 6. Meaning you need a 7 but yet again you add to the dice roll your character base Attack, which on average is 2, as humans have 2 hands.

Saving against shooting once more roll over your armour value. Which can be difficult as armour ranges from 6 to 12. Though any roll of a 12 is always a pass, this means even targets without armour can make a save, as long as the weapon does not had a minimum armour penetration.

Wounding with a gun also works on the same principle of hand to hand wounding but you only take one wound from a bullet.

And with only have a squad of no more than 5 characters on the board at any one time every character can take multiple injuries.

So there we go district in a small nut shell.

Well there is one odd rule, template weapons, you roll under your agility to get out of the way as template weapons always HIT.

That is it for now expect the pre release rules shortly.

District Battle Report #1 A Dock Contested

Game Lay Out.
The idea was to take and hold until the end of the turn.
each play started off the board and on the first turn would bring them on.
As the game plays out in phases per character this makes for an interesting start.

Andy lost the roll and so I decided he would move first.
He decided that his flame thrower sparky would enter first. Though using cover to mask his approach.
My first Choice to enter was X Defence Force and Now lead Trencher Morran, armed with his custom rifle and the best armour presently in the game he marched down the centre of the board in attempt to be the first to hold the square.
1st turn carried on with the rest of our selected characters some from the rookie selection some from the existing characters. they took positions and turn one ended, no dice rolled no shots fired.

The scene was set, a coalition of Welders and Callmon were to try and take this dock before the Trenchers could get there. This would help both groups with trade and was vital to each group.

Turn 2:
Andy Phase 1:
IX9 needed a better vantage spot to bring his deadly torque bow into action, though from the ground he would be hampered with scenery covering his view, scrambling to the roof of a near by he sat and waited.
Dave Phase 1:
Morran looked around, and out of the corner of his eye could draw a line of sight to Lazarus, the custom rifle in hand raised and squeezed the trigger. THUD the round connected with Lazarus, the smoke cleared and all Morran could see was Lazarus wiping the spent shell from his armoured chest plate.
It was a good shot, needed a 6 to hit and got a 9, then needed a 2 to wound, made that with another 9 the D12 were on my side, Andy collected his dice knowing he needed to reach 9 to save Lazarus from this impending wound and managed to roll 9. Slightly gutted, but will get him soon I thought.
Andy Phase 2:
Sparky steps out into the street, opens fire with his flame and manages to get 3 trenchers into the funnel of molten flame.
Dice roll and 2 of the trenchers get a bit scorched but thankfully Morran is a little harder than an average Trencher and the flames was over him.
I attempted to save but the dice had left me and was left with low rolls, both Trenchers taking wounds.
Dave Phase 2:
Harel annoyed at this decides to charge sparky, hurling into him flat out colliding and dragging him to the floor breaking Sparkys neck..
I was so lucky here. 11" run, directly into Sparky. If you charge a model and the distance if further than your Agility (Most AG are 6) you hit with more force giving a first strike attack, before combat begins, it is only a single attack, I got lucky and hit with my dice then I got even luckier when rolling to wound and pulled managed to get a 12. 12's are lucky and will cause instant death when wounding.
Andy Phase 3:
Farmer is with in range of Harel to attack, but too close to charge. This resulted in Farmer starting combat with Harel. The combat was brief, but resulted in both characters killing each other.
Dave Phase 3:
F Jones wandered forward looking for a vantage point.
Andy Phase 4:
Lazarus realising he has the shot on the 2 remaining Trenchers opens up with his Twin Torches, firing fuel and fire into the air.... FWOOOOOSH the fireball erupts turning Smith to Ash, and lashing onto Morran who is once more saved by his Defence force Armour under his Trench Coat.
Both Phase 5:
Remaining characters move to better positions.

Turn 3:
Andy / Dave Phase 1:
IX9 is now in a position and has agility points to fire, and as Morran is the most viable target lets rip with his torque Bow.
The resulting hit pins Morran to the floor, resulting in Dave Phase 1 being wasted while Morran rips the arrow from his leg and stands back up.
Andy Phase 2:
Lazarus moves forward to get a better shot on F. Jones. The dice is rolled and its a 1! Lazarus is now sat in the open trying to unjam his torches,
Dave Phase 2:
More climbing and J. Jones attempts to make it to higher ground.
Andy Phase 3:
More shambling from VI6 as he heads to wards his target.
Dave Phase 3:
F. Jones moves to get a batter shot at Lazarus and with an almighty thwack the round pass's through his armour.

Turn 4: the last turn!
Andy Phase 1:
Lazarus retaliates but the fireball is not strong enough to harm F. Jones who wipes the sweat from his brow as Lazarus run into cover.
Dave / Andy Phase 1/2:
Morran seeing VI6 takes it upon him self and charges this cybernetic monster, but miss's tripping over his feet. But combat ensues, with VI6 taking some damage but managing to rip Morran in half once more.
Andy Phase 3:
IX9 turns his bow to J.Jones this is a harder shot he is above on the walk way. The shot hits and Jones drops to the floor bolt through his shoulder. Armour failed to save him.
Dave Phase 3:
J. Jones removes the bolt from his shoulder and slumps to the ground not know what will happen next....

Andy being first now has to roll a dice to see if the game carries on, needing a 6 on D12 the dice is rolled and a 5 is the result, this ends the combat. the 2 remaining trenchers are positioned along the centre line of the board while 3 Callmon are also in contesting positions.
Though the game is declared a Win to Andy as he has taken down one more person but on the grounds of who controls the docks its still very much still free to fight over.

Game Length 60 minutes.
Scenery By Final Gamez.
Models mixture of Heresy & Final Gamez.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

District Section

At the moment the district section is laid out in 3 different menu ways. regions has the sub menu on the right. traders has the sub menu to the left. gangs and groups has its layout over lapping.
I originally laid the whole site out with the over lap, though  after a few days of looking at this I came to dislike it as it was a lot of clicking backwards and forwards.
This in itself gets on my nerves so why I would use it was confusing in the first place.
So I have redesigned it and though the traders menu option would be the usual one to use by most I personally feel the regions one looks neater.
But am leaving it up to viewers. Though if I don't get feed back will just do what I feel like I guess, with feed back will think hard about it all.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


New Final Gamez Site is now live.
Updated and removed a lot of clutter.
All nice and shiny enjoy :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

March of the Mad Hares

Yeah I know the titles a little bit different.
So plans, shop is in place. Am presently looking for some one to do a production run on some 3ups for limited sales, when I say limited I mean cast till mould destruction then the moulds being destroyed and that is all there will ever be of that model.

Secondly PDF version of District to appear as well on digital download, if it sells and makes some money then I shall put a printed version into production.

The PDF version of any system with in the Final Gamez universes will be a fraction of the cost of the printed version. Though I have spent a lot of time and energy researching and building the game system as well as doing the art work and stories for it that is now what the digital version is about. So will be keeping the actual cost of it as low as I can. Though as it is digital I have to work out the VAT on it as well and see what it is going to cost in tax to sell, but I have no plans on letting the digital version go over £10. The printed version though may end up in the £20 range due to costs of printing.

I am fortunate enough to not have people to pay for work on most of the systems as every thing has been written, drawn and designed by my self. This means the only person that needs paying for it is me and I wont be charging myself for my work in any kind of form.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I just built a shop!

Yes that right I have built a bit of a shop, there is nothing on it yet, over the next few days will be getting bits and pieces put together and built and collection of stock and some limited editions will be appearing.

Some will be old sculpts, some will be new sculpts and as long as the cast goes to plan there will be a 90mm yes 90mm District Character appearing purely for promotional reasons, as in to promote District.

Also I may put up some things that will never be making it into production and will be on incredibly limited runs, and when I say limited runs I do mean less than 100.

Every thing is being hand moulded and hand cast, this may take a few days if not a couple of weeks to do. but the shop is now in place and as soon as there is enough stock and the pricing has been worked out they will begin to appear.

One step closer to the next step.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New year

Yes, I know I don't blog enough or keep things updated enough and the site falls behind, this is the downside of being a loan writer, sculptor, caster and artist.
I know I fall behind as I have to keep a day job and freelance work in order to keep my head above water.
I also under stand that it means this site appears to go slowly. I never wanted it to go slowly.
I have taken a long Christmas break and am back into the swing now. I had to take the break as my Day job was sucking up all my energy and this meant I was unable to work at nights.
But now my brain is back into design mode and I am once more back to sketching and planning.
There is a lot of things being scribbled down on bits of paper and plasticine objects forming all over the place at the moment.
So I shall apologise for the lack of new news, and we shall get back into 2011 with some thing going bang?!?