Thursday, 29 July 2010

Quick Note

Any one wanting to comment or any thing regarding the site, an what is going on is welcome to just post on these blog/new reels.

I will happily reply when I have time to delete if I think its non productive.

That is why this is here.

Hope your liking the time line idea's for District.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


A Time line for events with in the early years of the District Time line is now appearing.
This will not all be going up at once, but it is generally being placed.
As to give an idea of what brings us to the game.
Its mainly made up of short DATA LOGS from different points in history.

Should be an interesting read, and an expansion on what I have already written.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

District Bible Progress

I'm in the middle of writing the Bible, the set of facts about the history of the planet that should not be changed, though adding and expanding them is good the idea that any thing that brings that story arc to this point where we are playing can be changed is a NO.

With out the story arc nothing else will make sense so I'm writing that, its quiet a large book, with some interesting characters, and no one working outside of this project will get to see it, which is a shame, but it does give backgrounds for the system to progress through.

So we have a system, we have planets, we have groups of individuals, and we have characters and laws.

Some aliens, and generally a large deal of maps and back grounds.

So getting there.

I'm doing all this on the grounds of if it does work and sells and so on then I would like the game to play through and have continuity which I find a lot of systems seem to lose now a days, though got to admit one man working on it means its only me I can blame.