Saturday, 29 May 2010

District One

District One is going into test this coming week.
On paper it works but the fine tuning now is going into run.
As of yet there are no miniatures for the system, as sculpting time on humans is a small flaw of my own.
Same with weapons, so have borrowed some of my Heresy collection.
An used some of the mock up scenery which has been created using 3mm card stock and a spray gun.

There will be a live blog going on while the game is being played through, which I shall be writing and my usual play tester will also be putting up.

Wont be giving too much away about the back grounds or stories that make the game what it is, will be showing some basic game concepts though and idea's.

Should also have some photographs and other bits and pieces for you to view.

Skirmish Table Top Combat done differently.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Technical Difficulties

Due to massive PC issue I am presently unable to do any thing with the web site.
This is becoming a bit of a pain as I am unable to update.

Am presently waiting for a new copy of Dreamweaver to arrive so I can get it loaded and get back to work, though this is appearing to take forever.