Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monthly Update

Well been over a month.
District: The mechanic of the game is going through some minor kicks.
New ideas forming and new ideas for character creation is playing along.
The concept is there and as such a bit of a more scrutiny is now being used over little things.

Herenkoa: I will get back to this once District is finished.

Final Earth: Ive not been doing any thing with this.

Overall thoughts:
I feel District will never be bigger than skirmish and I would like to keep it that way. Just allowing the world to expand naturally and to allow new ideas into the game instead of playing with the core mechanic.

Herenkoa is going to head into the squad based and large scale fight category so this is going to be having a bit of an over haul once district is finished. No changes to back grounds but changes to the general game mechanic. And when I say changed I do mean major not just neatening up.

Final Earth once every thing else is rolling this is going to be the LARGE war game. So think District is Squad on Squad, Herenkoa is little battles between warring tribes, Final Earth is going to be the big mass world war style game. But staying with in the whole ethos of the original concept.

Hints and Spoilers.