Friday, 12 March 2010

District Game play Ideas

D12 is the dice, that's straight forward all final games systems seem to use the D12 idea.

Its little things now for District.

Such as planet variations, lay outs and idea's.

How different worlds will use different gravity and what effect this will have on characters.

Different World types and how available different weapons are to them

Its the little things that make the games interesting, am semi thinking of doing a few minor changes or even working in some thing a little different and expanding from planetary gang warfare into pirate or salvage crews, though that could be another expansion.

Its a complexed idea, and though the game play works its the races and characters that make up the game itself.

Been thinking about how you can make each race different and as such this leads me to the idea that though they are on planets, in this universe there are millions of planets.

Staying within the story of the earth being lost and the humans out there fighting for survival the idea of having them as reckon teams, pirates and scavengers also appeals to my game play concept. This would suggest that some groups may have better equipment, some may be more powerful, and some could be slightly strange in appearance.

Your "pirates" are from a high gravity world, stand around 5 feet tall and are built like tanks as there muscle mass has had to increase in order for them to move on the planet, Incredibly strong and not overly agile, on a high gravity world they would act like normal people, on a low gravity world this would be a disadvantage.

The opposite is true, So a low gravity world, they would be weaker, but tall, possibly more agile and slim. Though on a high gravity world they would hardly be able to move, on a normal gravity world they would possibly be okay, but on a low gravity world they would be able to move incredibly quickly leap tall buildings in a single bound.

It is all possible ideas and concepts to add to the system. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Monday, 1 March 2010

District Photography

Shanty huts, millions of shanty huts.
Seriously why do Shanty towns have to have so many huts in?

Presently working on the art work for District. This means a vast amount of scenery is being built.
shanty Huts Millions of them

Mini Shanty Town on Twitpic