Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Whats Next?

So Im sat here reading through District once more, going over miniatures, and checking 3D work on scenary and where to go with it.
Nothing new there I do this quiet alot.
Im realising a few things District is a box game, this means once its out that the expansions will follow but there is a point where these will stop.
So Im now going do I carry on with the big games, or do I begin to plan the next box game?
Which turns me to a pretty stable thing on he web site and thats Fallout.
Would bethesda let me do a Fallout Table Top Game, would people want a fully 3D working fallout table top game?
If so can I stick to the S*P*E*C*I*A*L rule set to do it, or would it be a build from the ground up new system.
Is it worth thinking about?
Would people want to buy a game like this when the RPG is avaliable.
Would people rather see a RPG game and not a miniature game?

So Im asking for feed back drop me aline on here and share your thoughts on this please.
Soon you will see what we can do with District and Im hoping that lets the world see Final Gamez as a table top war gaming company.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


So District, is pretty much now heading into final stages, art work needs to be worked and reworked checked and double checked.
System seems to be robust enough.
Miniature work is heading in the right direction.
Scenary work also heading in the righ direction.

Other news Molds being started on some White Metal one offs for general sale.
Paypal shop should be appearing soon on the site.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

So today my attempt to get a company to produce Distirct failed.
This is not a setback, well it is, it just means now i have to talk to banks, find mold injectors and general watch cost sky rocket, which I dont want to happen.

Will keep the world posted.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Skirmish fighting game.
Set through out time and space.
Useing a simple core mechanic and 3D scenary.
You and your small band will fight play out varying scenarios.
To see who will be triumphant.

Initial release well see humans Vs humans, with some mission based games coming along involving other life forms.

Later expansions will see Alien gands begin to exsist with in the universe.

With later plans to release an RPG feel with experience gaining and point scoreing to allow campaign tied games.

Coming soon (well as soon as I find some one to produce the plastics for it)

Final Gamez Blogger

Decided to incorporate the blog into my web site, this means I am able to post new stuff when it happens instead of having to wait till I get to the laptop and new section.
This will be incorporated in the coming days.
But for now welcome to the new Final Gamez News Page.