Friday, 19 November 2010


The new Final Gamez Site in its testing form can be found:
Some links are active, some will just send you back to the original site.
I am hoping when this is finished the site will be cleaner and a little less cluttered.
Though this is my first outing using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so it could all go wrong.
We will have to wait and see.
Any comments on this rebuild can be of course posted here and I will get back to you as soon as I have stopped swearing at crossed over code.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Woops missed a blog point, been creating armatures of late to produce character models for District. Been talking to other sculptors and getting idea's together.
Also lacking funds and working my day job way too much.
District models being worked on.
Some more story coming for Herenkoa soon.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Basic Shanty Building How Too.

This is a basic shanty shape, so basically a box.
Takes 1 sheet of A4 2mm card.
Total size to be marked out. 180mm X 170mm
Each box is an 80mm cube. As it has to be glued along tab
lines, each box needs a 10mm lip at the end for the edge and a 10mm lip to support the roof.
Basic roof would be built with an 80mm square of card, though you can make an 84mm square and add a 10mm lip to two edges which can be glued in place along the non lipped walls to make a stronger hold.
Once built cut remaining card into shapes, to add texture and surface to this build and you have a shanty ready for your 28mm war gaming. Playing with different idea's will allow you to build different shapes and different structures. Experimentation is the key.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Quick Note

Any one wanting to comment or any thing regarding the site, an what is going on is welcome to just post on these blog/new reels.

I will happily reply when I have time to delete if I think its non productive.

That is why this is here.

Hope your liking the time line idea's for District.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


A Time line for events with in the early years of the District Time line is now appearing.
This will not all be going up at once, but it is generally being placed.
As to give an idea of what brings us to the game.
Its mainly made up of short DATA LOGS from different points in history.

Should be an interesting read, and an expansion on what I have already written.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

District Bible Progress

I'm in the middle of writing the Bible, the set of facts about the history of the planet that should not be changed, though adding and expanding them is good the idea that any thing that brings that story arc to this point where we are playing can be changed is a NO.

With out the story arc nothing else will make sense so I'm writing that, its quiet a large book, with some interesting characters, and no one working outside of this project will get to see it, which is a shame, but it does give backgrounds for the system to progress through.

So we have a system, we have planets, we have groups of individuals, and we have characters and laws.

Some aliens, and generally a large deal of maps and back grounds.

So getting there.

I'm doing all this on the grounds of if it does work and sells and so on then I would like the game to play through and have continuity which I find a lot of systems seem to lose now a days, though got to admit one man working on it means its only me I can blame.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I have got no idea.
Mainly working on art concepts at the moment to get on with some more sculpting.
Hunting down manufacturers and getting quotes and prices.
Nothing really to see here at this time.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I wont be working on any thing for the next 7 days.
I shall be away at Donington Park, enjoying the Download Festival.
Watching bands and kicking back.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

District One TEST Games

So we played 3 test games of district over the last few days. The game seemed to be going a bit well in the first play through, then we actually reread the rules and we had got a few wrong.
But its a learning Curve so its all good, years of playing other war games some times distracts you a little from new systems and though I wrote said system it had never actually been played. So it resulted in a few forgets a few made up bits and a
few interesting bits.

Game two started, this is now getting on for midnight when it started, once more same rough out line of gangs, some minor alterations to a few things and the correct rules being used helped.
Game play wise it worked and we did have a lot of very lucky dice rolls during the play.

Game 3, we have photos with game 3, they will follow. Most come from end or start of full turns. I cant really recall the turns as it was all done properly, with the alterations we had talked about the night before and that morning. Scenery was adjusted and borrowed from other companies and once more we used the Heresy miniatures that had been pre-painted in a rush, a long with the mock up shanties which have been floating about on different sites to try and give an idea of what was being aimed for.

We will referee to this as Red Vs Blue for now as the team names or House names are not as yet set, though a great amount of the back ground is written which allows you to form the gangs you will use with in the game.
Here are the gangs, we came up with the idea of using coloured hexagonal bases which the 25mm circle bases can fit into as markers for the team members, when a character was incapacitated which I must add can take some doing with certain characters the base was removed and the miniature laid on its side. So at the end of the game the person with the most bases would be the winner. This works with straight up gang fights, but for some of the scenarios it may not be an option. Though with the possibility of a medic character there is a chance you may be able to
save a character from impending death.

The board was laid out like a village on the edge of a military zone, these do pop up with in the game due to back grounds and stories that link with in the game.
You can also notice that we did use another companies scenery for this it was handy to have, and here is hoping they don't mind.
Plus my rather cluttered coffee table.

The game was played for 5 turns, in this time we did discover that though the D12 system that is being used works, some of the stats for the characters may need to be altered to get the maximum out of the game. The AIM for characters we feel was set to high, and while the DAMAGE RESISTANCE works and is very useful it can get out of control it not checked. Unfortunately with such a limited stat line it is hard to find a way to expand the groups from each other with them all being based as human. Though the system is now reduced to Three fighting houses and a Forth guard / military force which does the bidding of the highest bidder. Also with in the back grounds and possible ideas it has been decided that the trade houses there will also be non trade house gangs that they may higher from.

Not trying to give to much away about the game here really just giving demo shots and basic feel for the game. Though am very happy with the random affects of home made weapons and the miss fire potential of missiles and grenades.

And finally the disclaimer / copy right bit.

Models used were purchased from once I have a working rules and back ground copy am kind of hoping he might be able to do us some miniatures for the system. Fingers crossed and lots of begging I think.

So all in all there you go, a gang game with lots of scenery based in on a planet some where in my mind.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

District One

District One is going into test this coming week.
On paper it works but the fine tuning now is going into run.
As of yet there are no miniatures for the system, as sculpting time on humans is a small flaw of my own.
Same with weapons, so have borrowed some of my Heresy collection.
An used some of the mock up scenery which has been created using 3mm card stock and a spray gun.

There will be a live blog going on while the game is being played through, which I shall be writing and my usual play tester will also be putting up.

Wont be giving too much away about the back grounds or stories that make the game what it is, will be showing some basic game concepts though and idea's.

Should also have some photographs and other bits and pieces for you to view.

Skirmish Table Top Combat done differently.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Technical Difficulties

Due to massive PC issue I am presently unable to do any thing with the web site.
This is becoming a bit of a pain as I am unable to update.

Am presently waiting for a new copy of Dreamweaver to arrive so I can get it loaded and get back to work, though this is appearing to take forever.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monthly Update

Well been over a month.
District: The mechanic of the game is going through some minor kicks.
New ideas forming and new ideas for character creation is playing along.
The concept is there and as such a bit of a more scrutiny is now being used over little things.

Herenkoa: I will get back to this once District is finished.

Final Earth: Ive not been doing any thing with this.

Overall thoughts:
I feel District will never be bigger than skirmish and I would like to keep it that way. Just allowing the world to expand naturally and to allow new ideas into the game instead of playing with the core mechanic.

Herenkoa is going to head into the squad based and large scale fight category so this is going to be having a bit of an over haul once district is finished. No changes to back grounds but changes to the general game mechanic. And when I say changed I do mean major not just neatening up.

Final Earth once every thing else is rolling this is going to be the LARGE war game. So think District is Squad on Squad, Herenkoa is little battles between warring tribes, Final Earth is going to be the big mass world war style game. But staying with in the whole ethos of the original concept.

Hints and Spoilers.

Friday, 12 March 2010

District Game play Ideas

D12 is the dice, that's straight forward all final games systems seem to use the D12 idea.

Its little things now for District.

Such as planet variations, lay outs and idea's.

How different worlds will use different gravity and what effect this will have on characters.

Different World types and how available different weapons are to them

Its the little things that make the games interesting, am semi thinking of doing a few minor changes or even working in some thing a little different and expanding from planetary gang warfare into pirate or salvage crews, though that could be another expansion.

Its a complexed idea, and though the game play works its the races and characters that make up the game itself.

Been thinking about how you can make each race different and as such this leads me to the idea that though they are on planets, in this universe there are millions of planets.

Staying within the story of the earth being lost and the humans out there fighting for survival the idea of having them as reckon teams, pirates and scavengers also appeals to my game play concept. This would suggest that some groups may have better equipment, some may be more powerful, and some could be slightly strange in appearance.

Your "pirates" are from a high gravity world, stand around 5 feet tall and are built like tanks as there muscle mass has had to increase in order for them to move on the planet, Incredibly strong and not overly agile, on a high gravity world they would act like normal people, on a low gravity world this would be a disadvantage.

The opposite is true, So a low gravity world, they would be weaker, but tall, possibly more agile and slim. Though on a high gravity world they would hardly be able to move, on a normal gravity world they would possibly be okay, but on a low gravity world they would be able to move incredibly quickly leap tall buildings in a single bound.

It is all possible ideas and concepts to add to the system. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Monday, 1 March 2010

District Photography

Shanty huts, millions of shanty huts.
Seriously why do Shanty towns have to have so many huts in?

Presently working on the art work for District. This means a vast amount of scenery is being built.
shanty Huts Millions of them

Mini Shanty Town on Twitpic

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Playing with 2 different idea's for district at the moment.
Cores still sound, mini alterations to weapons though.
2 ideas. build your own and ready built.
Am presently writing both ideas up and then will see where it leads.
Also want to start putting down back grounds for area's to give you vast choice for world design.
This is not going to turn into a monster game this is going to stay small.
Just want to try and keep every thing in proportion.
Idea is first release will give you enough scope to play with.
Any thing released after that will just add to it, not expand or cause massive rewrites to rules.
Sounds restrictive but I do not feel it will be, if they system is as strong as it appears to be, then it should all work.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Whats Next?

So Im sat here reading through District once more, going over miniatures, and checking 3D work on scenary and where to go with it.
Nothing new there I do this quiet alot.
Im realising a few things District is a box game, this means once its out that the expansions will follow but there is a point where these will stop.
So Im now going do I carry on with the big games, or do I begin to plan the next box game?
Which turns me to a pretty stable thing on he web site and thats Fallout.
Would bethesda let me do a Fallout Table Top Game, would people want a fully 3D working fallout table top game?
If so can I stick to the S*P*E*C*I*A*L rule set to do it, or would it be a build from the ground up new system.
Is it worth thinking about?
Would people want to buy a game like this when the RPG is avaliable.
Would people rather see a RPG game and not a miniature game?

So Im asking for feed back drop me aline on here and share your thoughts on this please.
Soon you will see what we can do with District and Im hoping that lets the world see Final Gamez as a table top war gaming company.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


So District, is pretty much now heading into final stages, art work needs to be worked and reworked checked and double checked.
System seems to be robust enough.
Miniature work is heading in the right direction.
Scenary work also heading in the righ direction.

Other news Molds being started on some White Metal one offs for general sale.
Paypal shop should be appearing soon on the site.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

So today my attempt to get a company to produce Distirct failed.
This is not a setback, well it is, it just means now i have to talk to banks, find mold injectors and general watch cost sky rocket, which I dont want to happen.

Will keep the world posted.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Skirmish fighting game.
Set through out time and space.
Useing a simple core mechanic and 3D scenary.
You and your small band will fight play out varying scenarios.
To see who will be triumphant.

Initial release well see humans Vs humans, with some mission based games coming along involving other life forms.

Later expansions will see Alien gands begin to exsist with in the universe.

With later plans to release an RPG feel with experience gaining and point scoreing to allow campaign tied games.

Coming soon (well as soon as I find some one to produce the plastics for it)

Final Gamez Blogger

Decided to incorporate the blog into my web site, this means I am able to post new stuff when it happens instead of having to wait till I get to the laptop and new section.
This will be incorporated in the coming days.
But for now welcome to the new Final Gamez News Page.